Aggies Abroad: Last Stop Before Nepal

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A 37-hour layover in Hong Kong. Here is a view from Victoria Peak at sunset. Liz McAllister/UC Davis

By Liz McAllister, fourth year design major with a human rights studies minor, College of Letters and Science

I leave for Nepal in 11 hours. And although I should probably be notifying my bank of my traveling plans or spitting out the emails I owe several professors, I want to tell you about this past quarter and what led me to the trip ahead.

Spinning with Possibilities

It all really began last April. As a design student, I often walk through Cruess Hall and look at the work of other students on the walls (you should try it sometime!) That particular morning, I walked by dozens of photography projects and duotone infographics. Outside of my classroom was a bulletin board with conference and internship listings and the poster for the Nepal Seminar Abroad. It seemed to glow in relation to the dull listings surrounding it. I stopped in my tracks, read it, took a picture, and was late to class. And while my professor rotated her hands to describe different faces of orthogonal projections, my mind was spinning with possibilities.

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