First-Year Opportunities

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First-Year Seminars—Global Learning

First-Year Seminars are an exciting program of small, innovative classes that reflect a variety of intellectual interests. Limited to 19 students each, these unique courses promote critical thinking and community.

Find Global Learning Seminars

Global Learning Seminars are First-Year Seminars that will give you a chance to explore cultural diversity or learn about global challenges and how they are being addressed. You’ll also develop awareness and critical thinking skills that will help you thrive in an interconnected world.

Global learning seminars are credit-bearing classes (1-2 units) that are either letter graded or Pass/No Pass. You must sign up for them in schedule builder/ SISWEB like your other courses.

Global Seminars provide important opportunities for you to:
  1. Build Global Awareness
    • Examine actions and relationships that influence global systems from multiple perspectives, analyzing how complex systems impact you and others
  2. Embrace Diversity
    • Explore complex dimensions of diversity, equity and inclusion around the world, including language, culture and identity
  3. Act Globally
    • Create strategies to apply knowledge, skills, and abilities to collaboratively address global challenges, locally and beyond.

First-Year Aggie Connections

First Year Aggie Connections groups up to 25 students together based on shared purpose, interest, or theme. Connections meet regularly for one academic quarter and are led by staff or faculty facilitators who are passionate about the themed topics.

Most connections are social opportunities and do not bear academic credit; a few connections offer one unit of academic credit for participation.

The Global Learning Hub is sponsoring three connections with a globally themed focus; register below.

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