Scholarships & Funding

There are a variety of funding opportunities available to support global learning that include awards, fellowships, grants, scholarships, and funds to off-set or fully cover program costs. Some funding may be to support the work/learning of a certain type of program or only for students with specific interests/backgrounds. Other resources are more general and can be used across different types of global learning opportunities. Details and requirements change frequently so students are advised to contact the funding agency directly for more information.

In addition to the global learning funding opportunities below, students may be eligible to receive support through the Financial Aid Office. Financial Aid Resources: Study Abroad.


Sidebar Photo, UC Davis Global Learning, FundingStudy Abroad and Virtual Internships 

Scholarships and awards for students studying or interning abroad and away through any of UC Davis’ faculty-led study abroad programs, UCEAP, and independent study abroad programs.


Sidebar Photo, UC Davis Global Learning, FundingGrants, Fellowships & Research Funding

Funding to conduct research, implement projects, or participate in advanced level studies domestically or abroad. Includes opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, as well as postdoctoral scholars.


Sidebar Photo, UC Davis Study Abroad, Diversity and Access AbroadFunded Internships

Funding opportunities available for fully- or partially-covered program costs for a structured internship. Money may also be available in the form of a stipend to help cover living or for travel expenses.


Sidebar Photo, UC Davis Global Learning, FundingCompetitions & Projects

Funding to develop and launch innovative projects and ideas. Undergraduates are encouraged to apply for many of these opportunities, even without prior proposal or grant writing experience.


Sidebar Photo, UC Davis Global Learning, FundingService Learning & Volunteering

Money to conduct community service activities that address real-life problems in a community.  Some funding opportunities include an educational component that includes reflection and assessment.


Sidebar Photo, UC Davis Global Learning, FundingLanguage Learning

Funding to participate in cultural and language learning programs.  Summer-long and year-long opportunities are available in various countries for both beginning and advanced language learners.